6 Bylaw Administration

Section contents

6.1 Division of district into zones
6.2 Fees and charges
6.3 Service of documents
6.4 Transitional provisions

6.1 Division of district into zones

The Council may, by publicly notified resolution, divide the district into Northern, Western and Eastern zones for any specified purpose of this Bylaw, including for the purpose of facilitating the calculation of trade waste charges.

Fees and charges

6.2.1 The Council may, by special consultative procedure, set fees and charges for the:

  1. application process
  2. administration of the consent
  3. conveyance, treatment and disposal of trade wastes.

6.2.2 The consent holder shall be deemed to be continuing the discharge of trade waste and shall be liable for all charges, until such time as he/she gives notice of disconnection in accordance with S1.11.3.

Service of documents

6.3.1 A person authorised by the Council shall sign any notice or document to be given, served or delivered.

6.3.2 Any notice or other document required to be given, served or delivered under this Bylaw to a consent holder may (in addition to any other method permitted by law) be given or served by delivery or courier to or by registered post addressed to the:

  1. 'address for service' specified in a consent to discharge
  2. consent holder's last known place of residence or business
  3. registered office of an incorporated entity.

6.3.3 Further to 6.3.2, if any notice or other document is left at a conspicuous place at the trade premises or is handed to an employee of the consent holder at those premises, then such delivery shall be deemed to be served or delivered to the consent holder.

6.3.4 Any document given or served in accordance with section 6.3.2 or 6.3.3 shall be deemed to have been served upon the consent holder one day after the date of posting or delivery.

Transitional provisions

6.4.1 Any application for a consent to discharge trade waste made under the Wellington City Council Trade Waste Bylaw 1992 shall be deemed to be an application made under 3.2 of this Bylaw.

6.4.2 Every existing consent shall continue in force as if it were a consent under this Bylaw until it reaches its expiry date.