4 Wastewater Quality Measurement

Section contents

4.1 Dilution of waste
4.2 Measurement of waste quality
4.3 Mass limits

4.1 Dilution of waste

The consent holder shall not, unless approved by the Council, add or permit the addition of any potable water or stormwater to any waste stream in order to vary the level of any characteristic of the waste.

4.2 Measurement of waste quality

Wastewater quality shall be determined by either:

  1. measuring the concentration of its characteristics alone, refer to Schedules 2 and 3; or
  2. measuring both mass and concentration.

4.3 Mass limits

4.3.1 Any characteristic controlled by mass limit shall have its maximum concentration limited to the value in Schedule 3.

4.3.2 When setting mass and concentration limits for a particular characteristic of a discharge in a consent the Council shall consider the:

  1. nature of the discharge, i.e. batch or continuous or both
  2. volume of the discharge
  3. timing of the discharge
  4. conditions in the wastewater system near the trade waste discharge point and elsewhere in the wastewater system
  5. possibility of an interaction with other characteristics which increases or decreases the effect of either characteristic on the wastewater system, treatment process, or receiving water (or land)
  6. proportion the mass flow of a characteristic of the discharge will be of the total mass flow of that characteristic in the wastewater system
  7. extent to which the available industrial capacity is being used and is expected to be used in the forthcoming financial year.

4.3.3 In certain circumstances as determined by Council, such as a major change in a process or the establishment of a new industry, and provided it is within the capacity of the wastewater system Council may consider whether:

  1. there is any net benefit to be gained by the increase of one characteristic concurrently with the decrease of another to justify any application for increased industrial capacity
  2. there is a waste minimisation and management programme that complies with the New Zealand Waste Strategy and its guidelines and any Council Waste Management Plan.

4.3.4 When establishing the total mass of a particular characteristic that can be made available for trade waste discharges the Council shall consider the:

  1. operational requirements of the wastewater system
  2. effect on the final receiving environment of the particular characteristic and the requirements of any resource consent discharge conditions
  3. requirements of the Council to reduce the pollutant discharge of the wastewater system
  4. total mass of the characteristic allowable in the wastewater system and the proportion to be reserved for emergencies and for future allocations.