Urban Agriculture Advisor

Sarah Adams believes food is the heart of the community and, as the Urban Agriculture advisor for Wellington, she is able to help the community realise their gardening dreams.

Sarah Adams, Urban Agriculture advisor.

Urban agriculture advisor Sarah Adams


Urban Agriculture is a term which encompasses building localised, sustainable food systems. “It is a way of life for anybody who wants to grow food, or participate in any food related activity, in our city.”

Despite her position coordinating Wellington’s Urban Agriculture portfolio, before she started working in a community garden 8 years ago Sarah Adams had no interest in gardening or the ‘spin-offs’ associated with it.

She doesn’t know when exactly holistic living became a passion, but her time working in the community gardens definitely “transformed her life for the better”.

It was during this period of her life that Sarah discovered permaculture and found herself drawn to the ideals of sustaining natural life cycles and integrating a healthy lifestyle with a healthy community.

"Somewhere along the way the job became a passion and that passion opened up my world creating the lifestyle I live now"

After 6 years working at the community garden, the role of ‘Urban Agriculture Advisor’ was advertised and Sarah jumped at the opportunity.

It is a passion of working with others, the benefits of a holistic lifestyle, and her desire to ‘create healthy changes’ that she believes drives her work coordinating and supporting all of Wellington’s community gardens, running local food week events and managing a local fruit tree program.

Being connected to nature helps people to live a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle. It doesn’t have to be a big connection; having a small garden is all you need to start that connection and do your part towards creating a sustainable Wellington.

“Urban Agriculture is a movement fuelled by community passion”. Wellington has a vibrant Urban Agriculture scene and at the head of that is Sarah, connecting the active community with enterprise and business, ensuring a well-rounded and cohesive approach to Urban Agriculture is achieved.

Food is an important tool for growing community and, increasingly, for growing a resilient city that can support itself throughout the long term recovery following a disaster. Wellington recently signed up to the 100 Resilient Cities initiative and Urban Agriculture is an integral part of that.

More information

If you’d like to know more about the Urban Agriculture Portfolio, contact Sarah at sarah.adams@wcc.govt.nz or phone (04) 499 4444.