Council recognises Wellington’s youth

3 December 2015

Wellington City Council is partnering with local secondary schools to recognise generous young people with Absolutely Positively Student Awards.

Matthew Strawbridge from Scots College and Mayor Celia Wade-Brown.

Matthew Strawbridge from Scots College & Mayor Celia Wade-Brown


Mayor Celia Wade-Brown launched this award programme in 2014, which is open to students in years 10-12 who have contributed positively to their school or local community.

Schools are invited to select their award recipients and honour them at their end of year prizegivings.

Mayor Wade-Brown says it’s important to recognise young people who have gone out of their way to do something kind for another student, a teacher, their school or wider community.

“This award was established to acknowledge students for their acts of kindness, selfless and community-mindedness, irrespective of any other achievements.

“Some recipients may also be top sportspeople, others have two left feet. Some might be academically brilliant or artistic. The main thing is that they all have big hearts.”

There are 12 Wellington schools participating in the Council-driven scheme this year. Awards have already been given out at Newlands, Tawa, Wellington Girls’, Wellington East Girls’ and Scots colleges. Seven more schools will present their awards before the end of the year.

Recipients were chosen by their schools for reasons such as an outstanding contribution to the school, volunteering, a kind deed, or community advocacy.

Julia Davidson, Principal of Wellington Girls' College says, “It is always good to have hard working students recognised in this way with a tangible award.”

In addition to the trophy and movie tickets the winners receive, they are also invited to meet with Councillors and Council officers in the New Year to discuss issues that are important to them, their peers and their educational communities.