Raining cones - sculpture repairs in motion

24 November 2015

Wellington’s iconic sculpture Akau Tangi, located on Cobham Drive, is to be dismantled for repairs due to failures in the section of pipe that supports the cones on the top of the poles.

Designed by Phil Dadson and installed in 2010, the sculpture features 11 vertical poles with spinning cones attached to each.

Councillor Ray Ahipene-Mercer, Portfolio Leader for Economic Growth and Arts, says the Council had been working on a plan for the sculpture after a weld failure earlier this year.

 “Unfortunately we’ve had two cones fall within the last few weeks so we must temporarily take them all down.”

“Being in Evans Bay, challenged by a wild marine location, does not make it easy on the sculpture but we expect the work should be made to cope with that,” says Ahipene-Mercer.

Victoria Bennett, Project Officer of Parks, Sport and Recreation, says taking all the cones down is currently the most sensible option – for safety and to prevent further damage to the cones.

“The cones that fell had safety lanyards installed after a cone fell in 2013, they helped to contain the fall but didn’t stop them from hitting the ground,”

“It may take some considerable time before the cones are ready to go back up.  We need to work on a solution for the pipe section, and there are other issues with them not being balanced properly and the wear and tear that has created. But we hope to get this corrected as soon as possible.”

The Council plans to take the remaining cones down in the next two weeks.