Council and NZ Police say “know your limit”

19 November 2015

Wellington City Council and the New Zealand Police are reminding drivers not to let that extra drink ruin an otherwise fabulous Christmas and summer in Wellington.

Woman driving car with text:

If you are wondering how many drinks you can have before you are over the limit, the best answer is to organise a sober driver or plan to have alternative transport. Sober driving is always the best and safest option.

Councillor Andy Foster, Transport and Urban Development Committee Chair, says that alcohol continues to be a factor in fatal and serious crashes in Wellington City.

“We want people to be out and about enjoying all the great events that Wellington has to offer this summer – and we want people to get there and home safely.

“There is no such thing as safe drink-driving, and the best option is always to plan ahead and not drive.

“We are fortunate in Wellington to have so many transport options such as buses, trains, taxis and walking. It’s obviously best to use one of these options rather than drink and drive.”

The laws around how much alcohol you can consume before it is illegal to drive changed in December 2014. This change affects all drivers aged 20 years and over. The limit for drivers under the age of 20 remains the same – which is zero.

Inspector Mike Wright of District Road Policing says that the people most affected by the change are those who habitually drive after a few drinks believing they are safe.

“Years of getting from A to B after having a few drinks has reinforced their behaviour. But the limit has changed and people now have to adjust their alcohol consumption to stay within the law.

“Now ‘just a few drinks’ is enough to get caught and no one wants to be labelled a drink-driver.”

The “Know Your Limits” campaign shows a recognisable situation many drivers can relate to – a family driving home after socialising with family and friends over dinner and a few drinks.

The campaign focuses on the reality that having “a few drinks” over dinner can mean that you are no longer within the legal alcohol limit.

The $13,000 campaign is jointly funded by Wellington City Council and NZTA. People will see the “Know Your Limits” message on billboards, posters and at bus stops around Wellington.