Swimmers and gym goers rejoice as doors reopen

28 October 2015

Swimmers and gym goers have been saved from dated facilities by a dramatic makeover at Wellington Regional Aquatic Centre.

Over the past 3 months, the Council’s pool refurbishment programme has seen the fitness centre moved to a new location, a full renovation of the main change rooms, relocation of the reception and many other improvements to make the centre more enjoyable for the public.
Mayor Celia Wade-Brown is impressed by the new work.
“It is great to see the Wellington Regional Aquatic Centre renovated, refreshed and even more welcoming,” she says.
Opened in 1989, the centre closes every five years for maintenance and upgrading as required, the Mayor says. The hydrotherapy pool was added in 2013.
Councillor Paul Eagle, Chair Community Sports and Recreation Committee, feels the renovations are an important upgrade for the region.
“If we are going to pride ourselves on providing top-class services, we need to make sure the facilities match the standards we set".
“This substantial renovation helps ensure Wellingtonians can get the most out of their visits whether that is to improve on their swimming or work out in the gym,” he says.
Work is currently under way to complete the renovation of the spa and sauna area. All spas are being retiled and the sauna fully renovated with work due to be finished in December.
To celebrate the reopening of the main pool, the centre is giving away five free swims with every purchase of a 20-visit concession pass until 8 November 2015.
Gather the kids and visit this weekend to try out their new inflatables and enjoy the new and improved facility.