Wellington welcomes online trial for local body elections

15 October 2015

Selection of Wellington City Council to participate in a trial for online voting at next year’s local body elections has been welcomed by the Mayor Celia Wade-Brown.

“We hope younger people and those with disabilities will take the opportunity to vote online and have their say in local body affairs,” she says.

Mayor Wade-Brown says engagement with the community is important for local authorities.

“We already use online mechanisms as a way of increasing participation in many council processes, from Smokefree issues to our Long Term Plan, so it makes sense for us to participate in the online voting trial.

Wellington will join seven other local authorities in the trial which was announced by Local Government New Zealand today.

“Our involvement in the trial will be a real time exercise with real candidates and a real result,” she says.

Council has committed $100,000 toward the cost of the trial for Wellington City which operates an STV system of voting.