Mayor confirms - 'No rates spent on panda proposal'

19 October 2015

No money has been spent on a panda business case, says Wellington Mayor Celia Wade-Brown.

“No proposal is being prepared,” she says. “Unless Central Government shows strong enthusiasm for a substantial investment, no work will be done.”

The Wellington Zoo’s immediate priorities are opening ‘Meet The Locals’ on 22 October and developing the snow leopard area.

The information shared with Minister, Hon Gerry Brownlee, on his office’s request, is substantially the same as was shared with the PM’s office in 2014 and 2010.

Wellington City Council Chief Executive Kevin Lavery confirms that no “panda proposal” is under preparation for the panel’s decision.

The Economic Development Fund establishment was voted for by all Councillors and, at the beginning of this triennium, the current panel of Mayor Wade-Brown, Cr Coughlan, Cr Lester and the Chief Executive was unanimously appointed.

The Long Term Plan includes the Economic Development Fund that has successfully part-funded a number of initiatives including conferences, events and the Tech Hub ‘Collider ‘ to be opened next month.

Mayor Wade-Brown says, “Real economic and conservation projects are being advanced in the capital by Council and our partners. Some people appear to be trying to draw attention away from our significant achievements.”