New fund to help Wellingtonians reduce waste

15 September 2015

Innovative Wellingtonians now have the opportunity to apply for funding to get their waste reduction initiatives off the ground.

The waste minimisation seed fund will help grow waste reducing initiatives in Wellington City.

A new $70,000 Waste Minimisation Seed Fund has been set up for projects that target the reduction of organic, commercial and industrial waste, and influence community action and behaviour change. 

Councillor Iona Pannett, chair of the Council’s Environment Committee, says: “The Council knows that Wellingtonians care about waste and with record numbers of us recycling, it is now time to look at how else we can reduce our rubbish. 

“We can expect to be under ever-increasing scrutiny from both our local communities and visitors to our city, on what we are doing to the environment and how we intend to reduce our impacts. Furthermore, we need to look at the positive financial advantages of reducing our waste costs for businesses, households and the city over all.”

The $70,000 will be split into two pools: funding for projects less than $2000 and another for larger projects over $2000, with a $25,000 cap. 

Cr Pannett says a variety of projects could be funded.  

“Schools might want to set up a new worm farm or establish recycling facilities. Sports clubs might want to make signage to help educate their customers to use their recycling bins. Perhaps a business would like assistance to undertake a feasibility study to reduce a difficult waste stream or to audit their waste to understand how to make improvements. Community groups could be assisted to develop and launch upcycling or composting workshops.”

To find out more about the Waste Minimisation Seed Fund, or to apply, visit: