Innovative approach to using the District Plan

2 September 2015

Wellington City Council has released the new Wellington City ePlan, a simpler approach to using the city’s District Plan.

Wellington waterfront

The District Plan sets out how the Council wants the city to grow and what landowners can do with their property. The ePlan allows a user to quickly and easily find rules that apply to any property, such as height restrictions.

The user keys in an address, or locates a property on a map, and the ePlan automatically displays everything they need to know.

Mayor Celia Wade-Brown has welcomed the ePlan as a leading-edge service provided by the Council and says it will provide easy access.

“The new ePlan is a ‘smart capital’ example of Wellington City Council’s commitment to improve services for Wellingtonians,” she says.

Features of the ePlan include the ability to:

  • filter the District Plan to only show what’s relevant to a specific property
  • use a modern map-based interface
  • see any relevant Plan Changes for a property
  • generate a property report with area-specific features that apply to a property, for example hazard areas and heritage features
  • click on defined words and see their meaning
  • quickly click between sections.

Transport and Urban Development Chair Councillor Andy Foster says the ePlan will reduce the time involved in the regulatory process. It will also make it easier for Wellingtonians wishing to develop their property to know exactly what they can do and if they might need to seek resource consent. It will be useful for people considering purchasing properties or just thinking about planning issues in their neighbourhoods. “The new ePlan reinforces Wellington’s place at the forefront of planning in New Zealand,” he says.

To see the ePlan, visit