Watch out - chicks about

31 August 2015

It’s the start of the bird breeding season, and dog owners have a special role to play.

A woman walks her dog on-leash on Lyall Bay beach.

Protect birds - walk your dog on-leash.


Vulnerable babies of threatened species like kākā, saddleback, falcon and banded dotterel spend time on the ground before they learn how to fly. You can help keep them safe by keeping your dog on a lead.

Dogs are curious and the strong smell of baby birds can be irresistible to their sensitive noses. It only takes a second for a dog dashing into the bushes to do the damage. Last season, dogs are known to have killed kākā in Huntleigh Park, little blue penguins on the south coast and kiwi in Rimutaka Forest Park. 

We understand dogs need to run off-leash, and we provide suitable areas for this – where our native wildlife isn’t at risk. Dogs must be on-leash in all parks areas unless it is a designated off-leash area.  To find out where you can let your dog run free, see our handy interactive map.

This spring, let’s all work together to keep our chicks safe.