New Johnsonville traffic lights on soon

19 August 2015

New traffic lights at two busy Johnsonville intersections will be switched on over the next few weeks once road surfacing and new lane markings are complete.

Green traffic light.

Two sets of new traffic lights will be operating in Johnsonville in late August


The lights – at the intersection of Broderick Road and Gothic Street, and on Johnsonville Road at the intersection of Fraser Avenue and Corlett Street – will be switched on one intersection at a time.

The additional lane on the motorway off-ramp will come into operation at the same time as the Fraser Avenue lights.

Approximate dates:

  • Gothic Street and Broderick Road intersection
    From Monday 24 August
  • Fraser Avenue, Johnsonville Road and Corlett Street intersection
    From Monday 31 August

In both instances, the lights will be tested a few days before they go on and will flash orange as a warning.

Wellington City Council’s Transport and Urban Development Portfolio Leader Councillor Andy Foster says it is fantastic to see the new signalised intersections, extra off-ramp lane, wider new Broderick Road bridge, new Moorefield Road shared path and other improvements all nearing completion.

“The package of improvements will have benefits for drivers, cyclists, pedestrians and bus users and will make getting into and around Johnsonville safer and easier for everyone,” he says.

The dates for the traffic lights coming into operation are approximate because the road surfacing work happening this week on Johnsonville Road near Corlett Street, and final finishing work planned next week on the off-ramp and Fraser Avenue intersection are both weather dependent.

All the surfacing and line markings have to be complete before the new lights can be switched on and safely operated.

The motorway off-ramp is likely to be out of action for five nights next week, 23–27 August, 10pm–5am, while the surfacing and finishing work is carried out.

Anyone heading home late should keep an eye on the electronic signs in Ngauranga Gorge. They will say if the ramp is closed and it is best to exit at Glenside. Alternatively follow @NZTAWgtn on Twitter, sign up for email alerts at On The Move or check

The surfacing work happening on Johnsonville Road this week may cause delays at times. It is being carried out Monday to Friday, 9am to 4.30pm.

The Johnsonville triangle road improvements are being jointly funded by Wellington City Council and the NZ Transport Agency.