Art by Wellington children a vision for peace

3 August 2015

An art exhibition by Wellington school children to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan is on display at the Wellington Public Library’s mezzanine floor.

Wellesley College student Oscar Hough

Tūmanako - hope for a peaceful world – was opened by Wellington Mayor Celia Wade-Brown who told more than  300 parents, children, and peace supporters that the exhibition expressed the voices and hopes of children for a world free from nuclear weapons.

 “Children often suffer in armed conflicts around the world and the art exhibition provides the opportunity to express the belief of New Zealand children in peace and justice,” she says.

A UNICEF Child Friendly City, Wellington is committed, along with the rest of New Zealand, to a nuclear-free world, says Mayor Wade-Brown.

Wellington City Council is hosting the exhibition with Soka Gakkai International of New Zealand, a Buddhist-based peace group, to encourage a peaceful world free from nuclear weapons.

A representative of Soka Gakkai New Zealand, Joycelyn Raffills, says the exhibition features a “striking depth of thought” and artistic talent.

“The children’s paintings provide a fresh vision of hope for a peaceful world,” she says.

The Stringendo youth orchestra also also performed at the exhibition which will be open for two weeks from Sunday August..