Infographic celebrates 150 years since Wellington became the capital

29 July 2015

Looking back at how Wellington has changed over the past 150 years can help to paint a picture of the changing nature of New Zealand’s capital city.

Infographic celebrates 150 years of being the capital.

Infographic shows Wellington's changing nature

Statistics NZ has created an infographic to celebrate 150 years since Wellington became New Zealand’s capital city.

Following a period of heated debate, in 1865 an independent tribunal of three Australians selected Wellington to be New Zealand’s capital city.

Since that time a lot has changed in Wellington and Statistics NZ has been able to follow and track that change through the data it collects.

Celebrating 150 years since Wellington became the capital city is the perfect time to salute the people who live and work in the ‘coolest little capital in the world’.

Statistics are more than just numbers, they can chart change, record history and be a tool for decision making.