Embassy Theatre will remain open during maintenance work

13 May 2015

Maintenance work has begun on the historic Embassy Theatre to replace windows and plaster, maintain the canopy, and give the building a heritage-approved exterior paint job.

Abstracted Histories by James Voller

Abstracted Histories, by James Voller

Work is expected to run through to the end of September. All businesses within the building will remain open during this time.

“The building may appear from afar to be in good shape, but a closer look reveals some important maintenance that needs to be done,” says Wellington City Council Property Manager Luke Tobin. “The building is in a highly corrosive zone and the windows have corroded beyond the point of refurbishment.”

Loose plaster will also be repaired or replaced where necessary. “Health and safety are of utmost concern and upon receipt of a building fabric report, we immediately installed a scaffolding crash deck to make sure the public is safe from any potentially falling objects,” says Tobin. 

Passers-by may notice the scaffolding for this project is quite complex. The scaffolding propping on the footpath needs to support not only the scaffolding above but also the canopy itself as the “stays” that secure the canopy to the building are being replaced.

The scaffolding is being put to good use, with the public art installation Abstracted Histories, by James Voller being displayed through June.

The Embassy is a well-loved heritage building and this work will help keep it strong, safe, and looking good for years to come.