Sprinkler ban ends

7 April 2015

It's okay to use sprinklers and irrigation systems again if you need to but regional supplies are still low so please continue to use water wisely.

Sprinkler in use.

Sprinklers and irrigation systems can be used again


A bit more rain, cooler weather, and the great public response to the water shortage has helped. Our rivers, aquifer and storage lakes are now at levels that should be adequate provided it rains occasionally and people keep up the good work.

Demand fell from 185 million litres per day (ML/day) to around 130-150 ML/day as people upped their conservation efforts and stopped using sprinklers and irrigation systems. This allowed Wellington Water to limit the amount of water it was taking from the Macaskill water storage lakes at Te Marua. 

With the end to daylight saving and the sprinkler ban, Wellington City residents can now water gardens on  any day of the week.  But keep in mind, it will take sometime for the city's water supply rivers to fully recover after the long dry period.

To be on the safe side, we collectively need to keep daily demand to 160 ML/day.

Make a positive difference all-year round by: 

  • fitting a trigger nozzle to your hoses
  • sweeping up garden waste, rather than hosing it away
  • fixing leaks promptly
  • doing only full loads in the washing machine and dishwasher
  • taking shorter showers
  • using a bucket of water and a soft sponge or mop for outdoor cleaning job.