Green recycling bags at your place soon

7 April 2015

A new supply of green recycling bags will arrive at your place soon, so now’s a good time to check you’re making the most of your waste by being smart with your recycling.

Rubbish and recycling collector.

Together, Wellington City residents recycle about 12,000 tonnes of material a year. But with 84,000 tonnes of waste going to the landfill each year, we could be doing better. It is estimated that 20 to 50 percent of what we put into our yellow bags could instead be recycled. That means we are still throwing out too much glass, paper, tins, and plastics.

If you’re not sure if something is recyclable, you can check using Wellington’s guide to recycling (1MB PDF) or see the autumn edition of the Our Wellington brochure, in letterboxes from 1 April.

Council Waste Operations Manager, Adrian Mitchell, says big improvements can be made to the quantity of material recycled each year if everyone does their bit.

“We find that most people want to do the right thing when it comes to recycling. A few extra minutes spent rinsing out a plastic container or glass bottle and putting it out for collection at an individual level makes a huge difference to the collective amount of recycling being diverted from the landfill.”

We collect different types of recycling on alternate weeks, so to check whether it’s green crate (glass recycling) week, or the week you need to put out bags or wheelie bins, just type the name of your street into our award-winning online recycling tool

You can also download a handy iCalendar reminder that will alert you on the day whether you need to put out your glass crate or wheelie bin/bag.

Over the next two months, we’ll be delivering packs of 52 green bags to about 26,000 Wellington City households. The bags should be used for all recyclables except glass. Residents can have two glass crates per household. Extra bags and crates can be purchased at the Wellington City Council service centre in Wakefield Street, extra bags cost $13 for 26 and crates cost $15 each.

As usual, properties that have a Council wheelie bin won’t receive green bags. Two bags equal one bin (140 litres), so everyone is able to recycle the same amount each fortnight.

Sorting our recycling – it’s the Wellington Way.