Walk and talk with the Mayor next Wednesday

6 March 2015

A free breakfast and the ear of the Mayor are on offer next Wednesday as part of Walk2Work Day when Wellington Mayor Celia Wade-Brown joins fellow Wellingtonians for a commute on foot.

The Mayor is celebrating Parks Week and Walk2Work day by leading a walk from the Salamanca Road Cable Car stop through Kelburn to Frank Kitts Park. All participants will receive a free breakfast at Frank Kitts Park – as well as the Mayor’s ear for any burning questions or a chat about the Capital.

“As we know, Wellington is compact and our hills make for captivating views – two key ingredients in a wonderful walking experience. We live in Australasia’s most walkable city,” says the Mayor.

“There are so many benefits to walking to work and having a good walk as part of your daily routine. Of course there are the health benefits, and walking is a great way to think, to be inspired, and to see things from a different way instead of zooming past at 100kms an hour.

“Walk to Work Day coincides with Parks Week and many delightful routes go through the Town Belt and reserves such as Kelburn Park and Central Park. I’m looking forward to sharing ideas and feedback about the Capital as we walk to work on Wednesday.”

Organised by Living Streets Aotearoa, Wednesday 11 March 2015 is the national day for walking and this year the focus is on the close links between public transport and walking. According to Living Streets Aotearoa, walking 1km (about 1300 steps or 12 minutes) will

  • Gain you energy and use up 74 calories (for a 70kg person); lift your mood; improve balance and coordination
  • Save $3.62 of health benefits, save 0.72 cents of car costs, and avoid 0.2kgs of carbon emissions
  • Reduce disease risk and improve heart health
  • Be able to socialise with friends and community on the way

Census data shows that an ever growing number of Wellingtonians are walking or cycling to work.

  • The number of people choosing to walk or jog to work has also increased by almost 16 percent – up from 15,696 to 18,183.
  • The 2013 data also shows a big increase in the numbers of residents cycling to work – up by 73 percent on 2006 – and a 3 percent drop in the number of people travelling by car. 

Mayoral Walk2Work

Date: Wednesday 11th March

Time: 7.45am

Meeting location: Salamanca Road Cable Car stop, Kelburn