More Wellington schools go solar

9 March 2015

Four more Wellington schools - Brooklyn School, Churton Park, Houghton Valley, Owhiro Bay - have received solar panels thanks to a partnership between the schools, Genesis Energy and the Council.

Owhiro Bay Primary School kids dress up as Genesis officers

Owhiro Bay School kids dress up as Genesis Energy Officers


Fourteen Wellington schools have now installed solar panels as part of the Wellington Schoolgen partnership with Genesis Energy, which was created through the Council’s Smart Energy Capital initiative.

Principal of Brooklyn School Liz Rhodes was pleased to see the school producing renewable power. “We are thrilled that we’re contributing to making Wellington a more renewable capital city and the Schoolgen programme offers so many learning opportunities for students in the maths and science areas.”

Genesis Energy manages the solar panel installation, provides educational resources and funds 1kW of solar panels and other equipment. The Council and school each contribute funding for 2kW and 1kW of solar panels respectively. Since May 2013, the 14 schools have produced more than 45,000kWh of electricity from their solar panels, which is enough electricity to power over 21,000 computers for one day.

Porfolio Leader for the Environment, David Lee was excited to see more Wellington schools embrace solar energy. "It’s great to see Brooklyn Primary School getting behind solar energy. A SchoolGen school, Brooklyn has invested in additional PV panels and are looking to make significant savings on upcoming power bills. They may use the money saved on other energy efficient ideas such as low wattage LED lights that are costly to buy, but very cheap to run. "

The participating schools generate a portion of their electricity from the sun, and the Schoolgen programme helps their students learn about solar energy, energy efficiency, and climate change.