Disruption to night sports likely following vehicle crash outside Wellington's Wakefield Park

31 March 2015

A serious two-vehicle crash on Adelaide Road yesterday afternoon is likely to lead to disruption of football matches and training on Wakefield Park – possibly for the next few weeks.

The broken wakefield power box.

The broken power box

A van, apparently carrying school pupils, ran out of control after it collided with another vehicle on Adelaide Road. The van headed off the road, between two trees and missed bollards before it hit a control box (picture attached) that supplies power to the floodlights around the artificial pitches at Wakefield Park.

Wellington City Council’s Parks, Sport and Recreation Manager, Paul Andrews, says the power control box has been demolished and the impact also appears to have stretched and badly damaged underground cabling.

“Luckily it appears no-one was seriously hurt in the crash – because it sounds like it could have ended much more badly given the number of people involved and the fact there were quite a lot of people in the vicinity.

“Unfortunately the damage to the power box couldn’t have happened at a worse time – as daylight saving ends and the football season is about to swing into action,” says Mr Andrews. “Wakefield Park alone hosts up to 120 hours of football a week at the peak of the season.”

He says electricians were at the scene along with emergency services yesterday and have since indicated that it might take weeks to replace the power box and other infrastructure. “But we are working as quickly as possible to get the lights back on.”

Capital Football has been alerted and staff are working with the Council to see whether match schedules can be juggled to avoid cancellations in the next few weeks. Mr Andrews says the installation of temporary lighting is also being considered.