Johnsonville bridge action

9 February 2015

Wellington’s largest mobile crane will lift the remainder of the long concrete deck beams into position on the new Broderick Road bridge on Saturday 14 February.

A long concrete beam being lifted on to the new Broderick Road bridge in Johnsonville.

A beam being lifted on to the new Broderick Road bridge


Anyone interested in watching will get good views from Alex Moore Park. There are 12 beams to go on, which will likely take most of the day, but if you are keen to see the crane in action, it would be best to head along for a look sometime between 10am and 2pm. 

The section of bridge that is already in operation will remain open but there will be traffic management in place and short delays as each of the beams are lowered into place.

The train line is closed for the weekend for maintenance and buses will replace trains.

Work in the area is going well but there is still a lot to be done.

Kerbs will soon be laid below the church and on the other side of Moorefield Road above the station. We’ll also be putting in new stormwater sumps and grates and doing more digging to connect these to the big new pipe that goes down the road and under the railway line.

New pipes have been installed in and around the bridge and intersection of Broderick and Moorefield roads over the last couple of months and next week the existing water, stormwater and sewerage pipes will be connected with the new ones.

So this can happen as quickly as possible and to reduce the likelihood of disrupting essential services, the section of Broderick Road between Moorefield Road and Dr Taylor Terrace will be closed from 16 to 20 February. A detour is in place via Frankmoore Avenue and Phillip Street.

From this week, people will also see work happening on their right as they come off the motorway. A second off-ramp lane will be developed and traffic lights installed at the Fraser Avenue intersection over coming months – part of a joint project by Wellington City Council and the New Zealand Transport Agency to make getting into and around Johnsonville easier.

The speed limit on the off-ramp will be reduced to 50km/h for some months while the work happens. It may take a bit longer to get off the motorway at times, but please bear with us. When all the work in the area is finished, the changes are expected to significantly improve the current situation.