Island Bay to City cycleway: vote deferred to give time for masterplan

23 February 2015

Wellington Mayor Celia Wade-Brown has deferred next week’s scheduled Council vote on the Island Bay to City cycleway while the cycling masterplan is being developed in more detail.

“A full programme and strategy for cycling projects is in development for April,” says Mayor Wade-Brown. 

“This allows for a decision making process where councillors can make judgements according to the cycling master plan.

“Accessing the NZTA Urban Cycleways Fund requires a stronger consensus on a master plan and specific routes.”

The Mayor said that in light of the Council’s  decision to give consideration to a master/strategic cycling plan for Wellington in April, she has deferred the traffic resolutions report scheduled for the 25 February Council meeting.

A workshop to consider the draft master/strategic cycling plan will be scheduled prior to recommendations being finalised for the Council.  

The Transport and Urban Development Committee recommended on 5 February that the Island Bay cycleway traffic resolutions be considered at full Council. The traffic resolutions will now be heard at the end of April. Locals, cycling advocates and national bodies agree that more work on some details is necessary.