Dog kills kākā in Huntleigh Park

23 February 2015

A fledgling kākā has been killed by an off-leash dog in Huntleigh Park in Ngaio.

A kaka fledgling.

The fledgling on the day it died.


Park staff who came across the dead kaka say this incident highlights the importance of keeping dogs on leads to protect our native birds.

“It only takes a second of a dog dashing into the bushes to do the damage, and kaka are a threatened species we need to be protecting”, says Bernard Smith, WCC Biosecurity Officer.

“Huntleigh Park is part of a predator-free community and they are putting in hundreds of hours of effort to protect these birds.  So to see this sort of needless event is quite heart-breaking” says Myfanwy Emeny, WCC Team Leader, Urban Ecology. 

“We appreciate the need for dogs to run off-leash, and the Council provides appropriate areas for this where our native wildlife isn’t at risk,” she says.

Dogs must be on-leash in all Parks areas unless it is a designated off-leash area.  For more information on designated off-leash areas, see: Dogs - Exercise Areas.