All go in Victoria Street

23 January 2015

If you have business to do in Victoria Street or are planning to head to the Sunday fruit and vegetable market, consider getting there another way or factor in extra time to find a park.

Sunday market in Victoria Street.

Sunday market in Victoria Street


To keep traffic flowing as normally as possible while we do the construction work required to transform this street, virtually all on-street parks – including the ones in the triangular slip lanes – are out of action for about six months.

However, if you do need parking, there are a number of off-street car parks in the area worth trying.

Be aware, the northbound lane between Vivian and Ghuznee streets is already closed and the section from Ghuznee to Dixon streets will be closed to through traffic from Monday 26 January. However, it is still possible to turn from Ghuznee Street into this block to access businesses and exit via Feltex Lane. Traffic management will be in place.

Exciting things are planned in this area – including new apartment complexes and a new Whitireia and WelTec campus for more than 1000 students – so a lot more people will be living and spending time here soon.

The transformation work we’re doing with the help of the Memorial Park Alliance is all about paving the way for that and helping to create a great, more pedestrian friendly neighbourhood.

Improvements include realigning and significantly improving the footpaths on both sides, planting more than 55 street trees and developing two new paved parks.

For more information, see: Victoria Street Transformation Project