New bridge takes shape - old one to go

18 December 2014

The first half of the wider new bridge being built over the railway line in Johnsonville will open to traffic from Monday 12 January following a two week operation to demolish the old one.

Scaffolding and construction of bridge in Johnsonville.

The 1960s bridge is to be demolished between 27 December and 11 January and the Moorefield Road end of Broderick Road will be closed to traffic while it happens. 

People will still be able to drive into the mall car park, Gothic and Bould streets and Takatimu Way but will need to use Johnsonville Road rather than Broderick Road to get to Moorefield Road. Pedestrian detours will be in place at times.

The northern end of the rail line will also be closed and buses will replace trains between Johnsonville and Khandallah from 26 December to 11 January.

Once the old bridge is gone, the second half of the new one will be built in its place. It will have three lanes when it is complete in mid-2015 and room for a fourth in the future when the mall is redeveloped.

Councillor Andy Foster, who chairs Wellington City Council’s Transport and Urban Development Committee, says the new bridge – and other work at the intersection of Moorefield and Broderick roads – is part of a wider project by the Council and the NZ Transport Agency to make getting into and around Johnsonville easier.

“The bridge has a design-life of 100 years so has been designed to cope with both existing demand and anticipated growth in population and commercial activity in Johnsonville. We’ve also made sure there is enough room underneath should there ever be a second rail line at Johnsonville Station.

“The bridge and the entire package of roading works around the Johnsonville Town Centre have been something the community has been asking for over many years. We are trying to construct these works in a carefully planned manner to minimise disruption.”

The demolition work is being done at this time of year because traffic is expected to be lighter and it is possible to close the northern end of the train line for the period required.

There will be heavy machinery operating in and around the railway line and bridge, and trucks loaded with concrete heading out via Broderick and Johnsonville roads. The work will be noisy and potentially dusty.

Work hours will be Monday to Saturday, 7am to 7pm, with the possibility of some Sunday and night work.

The work to improve Johnsonville roads began in late August and most of the activity so far has been below the road next to the railway line and around the intersection of Moorefield and Broderick roads. From mid-January, work is also expected to start in the Fraser Avenue area to create a second lane on the highway off-ramp.

People wanting to find out more about public transport changes while the northern end of the train line is closed should go to