And the new flavour of Wellington is...

27 November 2014

The new ice cream flavour of Wellington will feature a delicious combination of Schoc sea salt chocolate, coffee and cashew nut butter.

Ice cream flavour of Wellington

Wellington’s sea, coffee scene and “culture nuts” were the inspiration behind the winning suggestion, which received more than 50 percent of votes in a social media campaign asking people to share their ideas for a Wellington-themed ice cream flavour.

The Wellingtonian who dreamt it up will have the opportunity to taste test the new ice cream, which Pride & Joy are now working hard to create. It’ll be on sale at their pod in Civic Square from early December 2014.

Thanks to everyone who voted and put forward such creative suggestions. With more than 70 ideas submitted, we were spoilt for choice. Head to Civic Square over summer and try the flavour of Wellington for yourself.