Water education tool for schools & communities

16 October 2014

Summer’s on the way and that means more demand on our water. A great way to get a handle on water conservation is with Aquarius, a water education tool that’s free for schools and community organisations to use.

School children using the Aquarius water conservation demonstration tool.

Aquarius in action – a new water efficiency demonstrator

The display unit – a self-contained bathroom complete with taps, shower heads and even a flushing toilet – helps people of all ages learn more about how much water is used when you turn on the tap, take a shower or flush the toilet, or how much is needlessly wasted through leaks.

Built-in flow meters help Aquarius support measurement, maths and statistics learning, as well as environmental and social inquiry.

To book, email Wellington Water (formerly Capacity Infrastructure Services) at info@wellingtonwater.co.nz or phone (04) 910 3800.