Support for Neighbours Day 2015

9 October 2014

The song might be cheesy but the sentiment is true: “everybody needs good neighbours”, and Neighbours Day Aotearoa is the perfect opportunity to start making connections in your community. You never know when you might need to borrow a cup of sugar!

Mayor Celia Wade-Brown with people holding baby.

"Good neighbours are an everyday pleasure and a necessity in an emergency,” says Mayor Celia Wade-Brown.


The annual celebration is next happening in the last weekend of March 2015, with a focus on youth and seniors. If you have an event or project in mind that encourages interactions within and between these groups, we can help. 

We are inviting all registered organisations to apply for funding for projects planned for the end of November 2014 through to 29 March 2015. If you are a non-legal entity group, then we can help you find an umbrella organisation to work with. A maximum amount of $500 can be allocated per project that specifically targets youth and seniors.

Applications can be made online at Neighbours Day Aotearoa Funding before 12 midnight, 29 October 2014.