Portico to go from Civic Square entrance

30 October 2014

Views from Civic Square are set to open up as work begins on removing the Portico, which connects the Civic Administration Building (CAB) and Central Library.

Concept of what Civic Square would look like without the Portico

The view through to Mercer Street from Civic Square, with Portico removed


Contractors Arrow International start on Thursday 6 November and will finish late January 2015.

Built in 1992, the Portico formerly housed Council offices, meeting rooms and a staff cafeteria. We decided to remove it after an engineering assessment deemed the structure unsafe in an earthquake. Once it’s gone, it’s expected that the CAB will no longer be considered earthquake-prone.

From mid-November, a crane will be on-site to remove the heavier pieces until the Portico is completely gone by Christmas. Work in the new year will concentrate on restoring the CAB and Central Library walls. The work will be noisy but we’ll be doing all we can to reduce disruption to neighbouring businesses and residents.

While the contractors are working, Civic Square will remain open and pedestrian access from Victoria Street and Mercer Street will be restricted at times. Other entrances into Civic Square will remain open.