Mayor and WCC staff temporarily homeless

7 October 2014

Wellington Mayor Celia Wade-Brown and 10 Council staff will be sleeping rough this weekend for a good cause.

This Friday (10 October) is World Homeless Day and Wellington City Council is taking part in The Salvation Army’s team-based 14 Hours homeless event to increase awareness and raise funds to help New Zealand’s homeless people.

"While Wellington’s homeless community is relatively small, these are some of the city’s most vulnerable people," says Mayor Wade-Brown. "Every person should have a roof over their head. That’s why I’m dossing down for the night to support this fundraiser."

Two teams totalling ten Council staff will be joining the Mayor on Friday night. WCC’s Community Services Manager, Jenny Rains, says the teams have been busy finding sponsors and donors.

"I’m really proud of our staff and their commitment to trying to reach the fundraising target of $5000. We believe everyone has a part to play in society and sometimes they need some extra help.

"We are a housing provider, a funder of organisations working in the social housing/homelessness/emergency housing sector, we directly and indirectly provide tenancy support, support and strengthen social housing communities. Through the Local Hosts and other initiatives we have 'ears and eyes' on the streets of Wellington to be alert to people who are, or are potentially, homeless," says Mayor Wade-Brown.

Jenny Rains says the Council’s support for homeless people is diverse. "It facilitates a citywide coordinated, and sustainable, approach, which ranges from working across the health and social sectors to ensure homeless and marginalised people can access services to assist and support them as needed," says Jenny.

The fundraiser takes place this Friday, 10 October, 6pm until 8am the following day. If you would like to make a donation or want to get involved, please go to