Historic Truby King House and garden open to view

30 October 2014

Where else in Wellington would you find an historic house with its own mausoleum? Discover Truby King Park – possibly Wellington’s least-known public garden – on Sunday 9 November at the annual Open Day.

View of Truby King House and Garden.

The former home of Plunket founder Truby King is open to visitors on Sunday 9 November.


Originally the home of Plunket founders Sir Truby and Isabella King, the park is perched on top of Mount Melrose with spectacular views of Evans Bay, Lyall Bay and Newtown. Along with the mausoleum, the park features the Kings’ 1923 bungalow designed by architect William Gray Young. Young was one of the most significant architects of the era – his best-known projects include Scots College and the Wellington Railway Station.

The house and garden are part of the nationally recognised heritage area that includes the privately owned Karitane Products Factory, hospital, and former manager’s house at the entrance to the park. The remnant garden is a legacy of Truby King’s imagination and fascination with exotic and native plants. There are pathways, brick arches and lookouts to explore, along with a rhododendron dell that at the time was considered the finest in the southern hemisphere.

Come along from 1–3pm on Sunday 9 November to meet the people who look after the house and garden. There’s a tour of the house at 1pm, and of the garden at 2pm – entry is free. Catch the number 23 bus or, if you’re driving, you can park on Manchester Street, Rodrigo Road or Sutherland Road.