Funding for local business communities

9 October 2014

Are you a member of a business community looking to boost economic activity in your area? Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) are an excellent way to pool funds for projects that complement existing Council services.

Roxy Theatre.

Members of the Miramar business district work together

We support BIDs because they are good for the city and the economy. We can provide advice and also have grants funding available to help set them up.

Phil Becker, the Council’s Business Relations Manager, says once a BID is approved, the Council collects a targeted rate from all commercial property owners in the area. The amount collected is then provided to the business association that has been set up to work on the area’s behalf, to fund agreed objectives.

“This might allow a district to develop a website, carry out special promotions to attract customers or help address other issues.”

The recently created Miramar BID – Enterprise Miramar Peninsula Inc – shows what can be achieved when we work together.