Donate or recycle your unwanted items

23 October 2014

It’s Labour Day on Monday 27 October, which means a day off to relax, unwind – and perhaps tackle the clutter in your garage or spare room.

Dropping off a mattress at the Second Treasures shop, Southern Landfill.

One man’s door is another man’s new desk, so don’t biff anything that could be used by someone else. Package up good quality used curtains, fabric, rails, hooks and loops ready to drop off to the Wellington Curtain Bank, and take men’s clothing and household supplies to the Soup Kitchen or Wellington City Mission.

Find out about other organisations looking for donations of quality second–hand goods.

You can take all other unwanted but useable items to Second Treasures at the Southern Landfill. If whatever’s left over can’t be repurposed or reused, the landfill is open 7.30am–5pm on Saturday and Monday, and 9am–5pm on Sunday.