Volunteers Helping to Prevent Crime in Wellington

9 September 2014

Wellington’s community patrol groups and CCTV volunteers were recognised in a Mayoral function on Monday night.

Community volunteers with Her Worship the Mayor Celia Wade-Brown

Community volunteers with Mayor Celia Wade-Brown. L-R: Rick Smith, Karen Whangapirita, Mayor Wade-Brown, Diana Ward-Pickering, Kelly Hoar-Guthrie.


Wellington’s community patrol groups and CCTV volunteers were recognised in a Mayoral function on Monday night. 

Wellington City Council has a proud partnership with New Zealand Police to support community patrols and CCTV volunteers to help prevent crime in Wellington CBD and suburbs. 

“It’s important to recognise the hard work of good people who help make Wellington a safer city,” said Mayor Celia Wade-Brown. 
“Our CCTV camera volunteers and community patrols provide valuable support to both Police and WCC Local Hosts, helping to identify vulnerable people and to initiate the right response quickly.”

The function honoured the volunteers and celebrated their achievements over the past year. 

“The Community Patrol volunteers act as ‘eyes and ears’ for the Police and Wellington City Council in their communities,” explained Inspector Chris Scahill, Wellington Area Commander.  “From finding stolen vehicles to reporting missing people, these volunteers have been invaluable in providing their time and service to create safer communities.”

Constable Roger Fouhy of the Wellington City Prevention Team works with the CCTV volunteers, who monitor the safety cameras to free up uniformed Police staff to get out and about on the front line. 

“CCTV volunteers play a vital role in keeping Wellingtonians safe in the city,” said Fouhy.  “By keeping an eye on what is happening around town, CCTV volunteers let uniformed police know where potential trouble is brewing.  Getting in early means we can prevent a situation from escalating.”

Volunteers have also provided valuable information to guide Wellington City Council safety initiatives.  Many volunteers have downloaded the user friendly FIX-iT app to report graffiti, street light outages and other safety issues so that Council can quickly respond. These initiatives have ensured that Wellington retains its status as a World Health Organisation Safe Community. 

New recruits are always welcome – see Camera Base volunteers.

To find out more and get involved with Community Patrols, visit Community Patrols of New Zealand.