Research shows support for cycleways

2 September 2014

We’ve surveyed Wellingtonians to gauge support for improving cycling facilities and to look at what type of improvements people want.

Bike with daffodils in basket.

More people would like to go by bike

The research indicates that providing lanes with some form of barrier to separate bikes and other traffic is likely to be an extremely effective way to get more people cycling – especially if improved facilities are on the most direct routes.

We already have some of the highest rates of walking and public transport use in the country – and this shows there is great potential to boost the numbers getting to work or other places by bike. Nine percent said they currently cycle to work and a further 22 percent said they would like to.

There was strong support for better cycling infrastructure. More than 75 percent – including many of the respondents who considered themselves highly unlikely to cycle – generally supported the development of safe cycleways.

The research looked at people’s tolerance for different trade-offs. Most said they would be willing to lose parking on one side of the road to create space for safer cycleways but opposed removing parking on both sides. Other trade-offs favoured were using Town Belt land or potentially making some streets one-way.

The survey assessed the potential demand for a cycleway between Island Bay and the city, showing excellent demand potential provided the features of the cycleway are tailored to people’s needs, especially their requirement for safety. It showed concerns about safety and a lack of safe cycling facilities are the main barrier to cycling in Wellington.

For more information, go to: We Support Cycling