Positive Performance by Wellington CEO

30 September 2014

Wellington City Council’s Performance Review Committee has completed its annual review of the performance of Council Chief Executive Kevin Lavery.

Mr Lavery arrived in Wellington in March 2013 from Cornwall. Mayor Celia Wade-Brown and the Performance Review Committee Chair, Councillor Justin Lester, say his performance has exceeded expectations in his first year in the role.

“In a short space of time Kevin has established himself as a competent and committed Chief Executive,” says Councillor Lester. “He has impressed the Council and external stakeholders with his ability to refresh and energise the organisation and has helped make significant progress on key issues.

“The programme of shared water, economic development and IT services has been accelerated with our regional local government partners and Kevin has helped deliver a clear and decisive economic growth strategy that maps out the city’s future investment programme.

“With Kevin’s support the Council also delivered an annual plan with a moderate average rates increase of 2.49%, without reducing service levels. 

“Kevin has shown strong skills to date and we look forward to working with him to implement the city’s vision over the coming years,” says Councillor Lester.

Mr Lavery’s salary will increase to $408,000 from $400,000; a rise of two percent.

Mayor Celia Wade-Brown says Mr Lavery has excelled with a modern, progressive approach.

“Kevin’s communication style and his previous success in both the private and public sectors have strengthened Council relationships across the city,” she says.

“Kevin’s got to grips with the issues facing Wellington remarkably well. Elected and executive members of Council will deliver on our economic growth agenda.”