LED lights give Courtenay Place a bright future

2 September 2014

The street lights on Courtenay Place and Allen and Blair streets have recently been upgraded to more energy-efficient LED lights – reducing the city’s power and maintenance bills.

Courtenay Place at night.

LED lights are brighter and more efficient


Team Leader Strategic Planning for City Networks Paul Glennie says the LEDs produce a softer white light – a bit like the light given off by a full moon – that can be directed exactly where it is needed.

“People using the footpath and road will be able to see colours and detail more clearly and there will be less light pollution. The older metal halide lights emit a ball of white light that is difficult to control and can shine unwanted light into apartments and buildings above street-level.”

LED lights last much longer than the old lights and use a third of the energy. In the Courtenay Place area, energy use has been reduced by 66 percent. These lights also reduce demand on the network and there is less chance of outages. With no moving parts, they are more resilient to wind and weather.

About 130 lights have been upgraded – street lights, other lights in the paved areas and those hanging above Allen and Blair streets.

“With a good result here, the plan is to look at using LED lights more widely across the city. We want to provide better lights, reduce our costs and our carbon footprint.”

For more information, see Street Lighting in Wellington City (2MB PDF)