Finding Emergency Water Tanks

25 August 2014

A new map showing the location of emergency water tanks around the city is now on our website.

Filling water containers from an emergency water tank.

Filling water containers from the emergency water tank at Tawa Community Centre

This is a 4-year project started in 2012 to install 50 emergency water tanks in Wellington. We’re at the halfway mark and well ahead of schedule.

The water tanks are dotted around the Capital near civil defence centres and potential welfare hubs like schools and community centres. This will make the collection of drinking water safe and easy if the regular supply is affected for some reason.

The Council’s Civil Defence Controller, Stavros Michael, says the city will need about four million litres of water a day (that’s about 20 litres per person) if the regular water supply is disrupted due to an emergency like an earthquake.

“These tanks are a backup to our reservoir stores, which are being upgraded and strengthened. Half of these reservoirs are now earthquake resistant,” says Stavros.

The tanks have capacity to hold 25,000 litres, so the city will have plenty of drinking water available – but we all need to do our bit.

“Although these tanks may be near where you live, all households still need at least three days’ supply of water for each person – either by filling clean soft drink bottles or you can buy large water containers from local stores or our service centre.”

We are also working closely with the Ministry of Education and have installed some of the tanks at schools in Crofton Downs, Johnsonville, Berhampore, Island Bay, Houghton Valley, Te Aro, Seatoun and Khandallah, with more to follow.

To find your nearest emergency water tank, go to Emergency Water Plans

For more information on how to be prepared, visit our Emergency Management section or