Community Fruit Trees Planted

26 August 2014

Thanks to community gardening enthusiasts and Council staff, Wellingtonians will find edible delights around the city in years to come.

Volunteers and Council worker planting apple tree.

Volunteers and the Council have worked together to plant the fruit trees


Thirty-six apple, pear and plum trees are now planted at 13 sites, with the last of the trees going in at Mercy Park in Newtown.

The trees will be looked after by ‘fruit tree guardians’ – local volunteers who will water, prune, weed and mulch to keep the trees healthy and productive – and the fruit can be picked by anyone.

Several varieties have been planted – Braeburn, Granny Smith and Gala apples; Buerre Bosc, Red Bartlett and William’s Bon Chretien pears; and Sultan, Omega and Doris plums.

The Council’s Community and Neighbourhood Advisor, Sarah Adams, says this project is part of our programme to expand opportunities for community gardening in Wellington.

“We had a lot of interest from people wanting to look after the trees and they are now largely responsible for them. We’re confident that within three years these trees will bear plenty of fruit. Thanks to the guardians, the whole community will benefit,” says Sarah.

Fruit trees are also planted in Johnsonville, Ngaio, Northland, Karori, Strathmore, Island Bay, Mount Victoria, Berhampore, Southgate and Brooklyn.