New Chapter Begins for City Parking Services

1 July 2014

This week Wellingtonians will notice some new faces in new black and yellow uniforms on the streets as our reorganised Parking Services unit starts work.

Parking officer.

A new look for parking officers

From today (Tuesday) the City Council’s parking services team is working ‘in-house’ – our parking officers are again directly employed by the Council after almost two decades where they were employed by a private contractor. The back office processing of parking tickets is also now in-house.

The new unit is a mixture of experienced parking officers and a group of fresh new faces. The decision to return the unit in-house was made late last year and endorsed by Mayor Celia Wade-Brown and Councillors. Since then there has been extensive planning and preparations for today’s transformation.

The parking officers will have new technology at their fingertips – making their jobs easier and helping them provide more general information to people in the streets.

Hand-held devices mean they can be more accurate when they’re out on the job – they can instantly check for resident parking permits being valid.

They’ll also have access to the Council’s website and event information so they can provide an ambassadorial service.

The Council’s Parking Services Manager, Alison Curtis, says the reorganised unit has a greater focus on customer service. It will also save the Council money and have better oversight of parking operations in the city.

The new unit will align parking services with our ‘Local Host’ on-street ambassador service, brought in-house last year.

Alison says parking enforcement is a necessity in any city for a number of reasons – mainly to maintain road safety and give all motorists a fair chance of getting a car park.

“If we had no enforcement the city would quickly grind to a halt and the livelihoods of retailers and businesses would be put at great risk.”

From today, there are a number of ways people can pay parking fines:

at the Council’s service centre, ground floor, 101 Wakefield Street

  • at Pay Parking Ticket Online
  • by mail to Wellington City Council, Parking Services, PO Box 2199, Wellington 6140
  • by credit card – online or by phoning (04) 801 3040.

People will soon be able to get residents permits and appeal parking tickets online. Parking permits will also be processed at our service centre.

For more information, go to Parking.