The Pond's the Place for Ducks

15 July 2014

The Botanic Garden ducks are taking time to smell the roses. But that’s causing a problem.

Children looking at ducks in the Duck Pond.

Feed the ducks at the Duck Pond


While we love the ducks, they love to roam away from the Duck Pond. A gang of 50 are hanging out at the Lady Norwood Rose Garden damaging the lawns, the garden beds and fouling the fountain.

“Changing the water in the fountain, fixing the grass and replacing plants are extra, unwanted costs,” says Botanic Garden Acting Manager Leanne Killalea.

“We’d appreciate help from our visitors. Anyone who wants to see the ducks should visit them at the Duck Pond in the Main Garden.” Maize for feeding the ducks is available in the Treehouse on weekdays and an on-site dispenser will soon be provided at the pond.

“Our ducks may appear to be hungry, but they aren’t. So please feed only small amounts of bread to the Duck Pond ducks – and none at all to the Rose Garden ducks. Leftover bread just attracts rats and mice; not the visitor experience we want,” Leanne says.

“We are about to do our 5-yearly clean-out of silt from the Duck Pond, so the ducks will have plenty of room to duck and dive.”