100 Days to Turn Kai to Compost

8 July 2014

Truck driver Chris Ransfield collects up to 1,000 tonnes of food waste every year from the city’s hotels, restaurants and supermarkets for the Council’s Kai to Compost service.

 Food waste collector emptying bins into a Kai to Compost truck.

Kai to Compost is an environmentally-conscious food waste collection service


It takes just 100 days for this food waste, mixed with green waste, to be turned into Capital Compost for local Wellington gardens.

Kai to Compost now has over 160 customers. One of them, the James Cook Hotel Grand Chancellor, which joined the scheme in 2009, has just won the 2014 Greenfield Hotel Industry Environmental Initiative Award. Every day, the hotel saves 150–200kg of food waste from going into the landfill.

All kinds of organic waste can go into the bins such as:

  • vegetable and fruit scraps
  • cooked meat
  • bread
  • coffee grounds and filters
  • unbleached paper hand-towels and serviette
  •  flowers or plants
  • some compostable packaging.

Businesses have to separate food waste from their general waste and recycling. But the effort is worthwhile – some have reported cost savings, some take the opportunity to monitor and then reduce their food waste and, for them all, it means a more sustainable way of doing business.

Every year the Council gifts $5,000 worth of Capital Compost to schools and community groups for veggie gardens, or to plant native species.

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