Wellington Waterfront Walks the Talk for World Oceans Day

6 June 2014

Wellington’s waterfront will feature fishy facts on its footpath this weekend to mark World Oceans Day on Sunday 8 June.

People walking, biking or running along the waterfront are encouraged to keep an eye out for the fish-shaped stickers that have fun facts on New Zealand’s favourite fish species, along with information about local marine reserves and World Oceans Day.

The Department of Conservation, Seafood New Zealand and Wellington City Council developed the 30 footpath stickers, which can be followed from Waitangi Park to Queens Wharf.

The stickers are a simple reminder of how our oceans are important in sustaining many fish species and the need to keep our seas clean and healthy.

The sorts of quirky details on the stickers include the fact that blue cod change sex from female to male once they grow above a certain size; that our kina species is unique to New Zealand; that the local Taputeranga Marine Reserve was established in 2008 and has its own snorkel trail.

World Oceans Day is an international annual day aimed at encouraging people around ‘the blue planet’ to celebrate and honour the ocean. Recognised by the United Nations, this year’s theme of “together we have the power to protect the ocean” will see countries around the world celebrate the day with a wide range of events.