New Incentives for Quake-proofing

17 June 2014

Owners of earthquake-prone buildings in Wellington may be eligible for financial support in a new plan to encourage more building owners to go ahead with strengthening work.

Ombra, Cuba Street.

Ombra, earthquake-strengthened building on Cuba Street


From 1 July, owners can apply to get reductions on their rates to help offset the cost of quake strengthening. These incentives can be applied for if the building is empty while strengthening work is carried out; or if strengthening work is completed and the building is no longer listed as being earthquake prone.

For buildings where significant costs were involved in the completed work, and the building is no longer listed as quake-prone, we may subsidise the building consent fee.

The Council’s Building Resilience Manager, Neville Brown, says this is another way we can work with building owners to protect their investments, while also retaining heritage and making the city more resilient.

“Supporting businesses is one of our big priorities. These incentives will encourage owners to invest in quality buildings and help to encourage economic growth in the city.”

Owners can also apply for funding from our Built Heritage Incentive Fund, aimed at conserving Wellington’s heritage-listed buildings. The next round of funding closes on Friday 1 August.

For our part, the Council is continuing to upgrade and strengthen buildings as well as roads, retaining walls, tunnels and pipes.

Brooklyn Library moves back to its Cleveland Street building this week after several months of work. Other heritage projects in progress include the century-old Thistle Hall on Cuba Street and Clarrie Gibbons in Post Office Square.

Council engineers have almost completed assessments of buildings around the city that were built before 1976. Owners of these buildings are then advised whether the building is earthquake prone.

To find out more about the earthquake incentives, see:
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