New Cyclist Road Markings Trialled

27 May 2014

Distinctive new road markings designed to improve cyclist safety will be going in on Featherston and Victoria streets over the next few weeks as a part of a national trial.

Sharrow road marking showing a white bicycle with two arrows above it.

Sharrow road marking


The marking – called a Sharrow – has a white bicycle with two arrows above it and has been used overseas to encourage cyclists and drivers to share the road.

The trial, being carried out in partnership with the NZ Transport Agency, is being done to test whether the markings should be cleared for general use. Other cities involved include Palmerston North, Dunedin, Nelson and Auckland.

We’ll be monitoring ours to see what difference they make and whether, if approved, they could be of use elsewhere in the city.

We’ve chosen Victoria and Featherston streets because they are busy throughroutes that are used by a lot of cyclists.

All going well, the new markings will be in place by early June.