Cross Safely with the Countdown

20 May 2014

Wellington pedestrians should feel safer crossing Jervois Quay – one of the city’s widest roads – with countdown timers installed at the Queens Wharf pedestrian crossing this week.

Countdown timer behind pedestrians crossing a road.

Pedestrians cross at Queens Wharf


Countdown timers display the remaining time, in seconds, for pedestrians to safely cross the road before the traffic lights change.

The Council’s City Networks Manager, Stavros Michael, says countdown timers are particularly helpful when pedestrians are crossing multi-lane roads and are a common sight on Queen Street in Auckland.

“We’ve chosen the Queens Wharf crossing because of the width of Jervois Quay. At six lanes, the crossing can be daunting. It’s also one of the busiest pedestrian links between the central business district and the waterfront.

“We’ll be looking at whether to install countdown timers at other pedestrian crossings around the city. Used at the right intersections, they help to improve safety.”