Annual Plan Set for Action

13 May 2014

This year’s Annual Plan for 2014/15 has been finalised. The plan sets out the Council’s activities and budget for the year ahead. We heard from over 1,000 Wellingtonians and we’ve taken your feedback on board.

Information graphic showing rates information.

This year’s budget is about economic growth, encouraging development, making the city more resilient to climate change and disasters such as earthquakes, protecting our built and natural heritage and improving transport choices.

The plan includes:

  • encouraging development and better quality, environmentally-rated buildings
  • more assistance for building owners to earthquake-strengthen their buildings
  • significantly more money for cycling improvements, including cycle routes and safety
  • more funding for storm repairs on the south coast
  • more funding for city-wide graffiti removal involving volunteers
  • promoting Wellington as a premier mountain biking destination.

Your Rates - $5.56 per day = value for money

Setting the rates for each year is part of our Annual Plan. It’s our job to make sure we cover the services the city needs to keep running and add new ones where needed – and all in the most cost-effective way.

At $5.56 per resident per day, the rates you pay in Wellington City give you great value for money. Our entire services for the city cost around $2,029 per resident per year and many of these are free-of-charge.

Here are some of the main ways your money is spent:

Urban Development - $0.48 per day:

  • the waterfront
  • other public spaces
  • town planning
  • consents
  • heritage

Environment - $2.00 per day

  • water
  • stormwater
  • sewerage
  • rubbish/recycling
  • botanic gardens
  • Town Belt
  • walkways
  • parks
  • supports the Zoo
  • supports Zealandia

Social and Recreation - $1.37 per day:

  • sportsfields
  • swimming pools
  • playgrounds
  • libraries
  • food safety
  • social housing

Culture/Wellbeing - $0.24 per day:

  • art galleries
  • museums
  • community events
  • city archives
  • supports festivals

Economic Development - $0.50 per day:

  • events
  • venues
  • tourism promotion
  • free weekend parking
  • supports Te Papa

Transport - $0.76 per day:

  • roads
  • footpaths
  • cycle facilities
  • car parks
  • supports public transport

Governance - $0.20 per day:

  • decisions
  • consultation
  • elections

To find out more about our Annual Plan, see:
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