Pedestrian Safety Campaign

29 April 2014

Recent research findings show that distraction and low attentiveness are key factors in crashes involving pedestrians.

Pedestrian app displayed on phone.

Remember to think, look, then cross


To encourage people to cross safely, we’re running a new road safety campaign as a reminder to think, look and then cross.

So, what distracts you when you are walking in the central city and about to cross the road? You can ‘park’ your distraction and be in to win prizes by going to:
What's On Your Mind - Wellington City Council Facebook

The central message of this campaign is to encourage people to be aware of traffic and their environment, to reduce the number of crashes involving pedestrians in Wellington’s city centre.

On average there are 36,000 people out walking every weekday hour in central Wellington and the majority will cross the road safely.

“We want people to be fully aware of their surroundings before they step out,” says Stavros Michael, City Networks Manager. This campaign complements other Council initiatives to improve pedestrian safety. “These include wider footpaths, street furniture, more crossing points and consultation on lowering the speed limit in the central city.”

For more information, you can visit:
Safety Campaigns - Pedestrian Safety