Learn to Swim & Build Skills for Life

15 April 2014

Throughout the year, Wellington City Council’s Learn to Swim programme offers a wide range of swimming classes. From babies to adults, all Learn to Swim classes help swimmers to enjoy the water, and develop awareness and new skills.

Young girl in a pool.

Phone 801 4403 to book a swim assessment


With qualified instructors, the classes put water safety first and confidence boosting is part of the parcel.

All kids who are enrolled in a term programme receive five free swims – so there’s plenty of time to practise.

“All new swimmers have a personal swim assessment first, so we can find the class that fits you best,” says Shaun Pallett, Facility Manager at Tawa Pool. “That way, we can make sure you’re not thrown in at the deep end, at least, not before you’re ready!”

Learn to Swim is available at:

To sign up, phone our Learn to Swim team on (04) 801 4403.

For more information visit: Learn to Swim